Lil Ranchin Rat Terriers

Southern California, est. 1998

Lil Ranchin Rat Terriers!

Hi there, welcome to  our site! Here you will find pictures of our past and present puppies and parents.  We have been a small breeder of  rat terriers, specializing in the Fire Mountain, Sycamore Flats, Diamond Valley and Decker line terriers and have puppies across the U.S. (check out our Rat Braggin Page).  Please take a look at our puppy page for upcoming litters and puppies available now.  Non Refundable deposits are required to hold a puppy.

Thank you to all of the breeders who have allowed us to add to our breeding program.  The lines that I started with were many years ago were almost extinct and thanks to all of you I was able to join in and help to preserve the breed and bloodlines that I fell in love with.  We strive for quality and do our best to place each dog appropriately with their new prospective owners.

Many of our dogs carry the old bloodlines (Fire Mountain, Diamond Valley, Sycamore Flats, and Decker) - pedigree is important to me, as well as disposition,  conformation, prey drive and intelligence.  We are proud of the dogs we have in our breeding program and have been very pleased with the pups our dogs have produced.  If you are looking for a hunter, agility, show, pet or lap dog, chances are we will have what you are looking for in an upcoming litter.  

We will continue to focus on the Fire Mtn bred Decker Terriers and have some very exciting crosses coming up (see puppy page)- a special thanks goes out to Jackie Hagberg, who is helping me keep the Fire Mountain/Decker lines alive!!  I am a true advocate for these lines...always have been...always will be!

A tremendous compliment coming from Rosalie Rinear of Fire Mtn Kennels:

   "You have some very nice Rat Terriers!"  

Rosalie Rinear
Fire Mountain

Decker History - straight from the mouth of the founders themselves - don't be fooled by websites claiming the name of another, Milton Decker started this breed back in the 70's, hence the name Decker!!  There is a reason some breeders are not allowed to use Milton's name on their websites. 

Our handsome boy, Patriot (out of the Diamond Valley lines and Mylet lines).  Pate's hunt drive is incredible, I just point my finger, and say "get it" and he is all over it!!